Friday, 8 October 2010

Make Sunday Special

The local bunny huggers are having one of their mutual backslapping sessions on Sunday. One of those pseudo-spontaneous community events it takes large sums of public money and the help of useless government departments to put on.
Sod that. If the Manx government was serious about saving energy they’d close Manx Heritage and their other MONGOs.
If you'd rather get involved in something far more beneficial to humanity instead take a look at International Committee against Stoning’s latest at ( .
Because Sunday is also World Day against the Death Penalty, but when you’re dealing with cyber-attacks on your campaign website from theocratic fascist states, death threats in the country where you’ve sought asylum, problems with your visa because your continued presence in that country gets in the way of secretive business deals between unscrupulous politicos…..and so on and so on… it can be a mite difficult to let the world know about that.
Thankfully my good mates at ICAS have their site up again (see links to the right). If you’d like to join them and many other hardworking genuine human rights workers without cosy government subsidies in a resolution to stop state-sanctioned barbaric (almost inevitably faith-led) killing of the innocent and oppressed go to and sign up.
Could be the best thing you do all weekend.

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