Saturday, 22 August 2009

Bad business as usual

I had to wait for one ridiculous item in this week’s Examiner to go online at, just to check it wasn’t a joke.
The headline says, ‘Businesses throw support behind Cathedral proposals’.
Oh really?
Well... ..... no. Actually they don’t – at least not any which can get by without public handouts and charity.
The clue comes in the revelation that:
“The 14-strong BAG boasts inside knowledge of the building, legal, finance, training, service, retail and catering trades as well as the police.”
You see, once you know that the Talbots not only run connect2charity but are part of the evangelical mafia which runs Stepford Central and the Police Advisory Group, that Mr Talbot’s professional services are most regularly used by churchy charities who can’t manage basic book-keeping or the minimal requirements of Manx charitable status, and that Mrs Talbot trains folk like nursing home staff most bases there are covered.
And I wouldn’t be too impressed either at the assurance that:
“These plans have been endorsed by the Cathedral Chapter, composed of the Bishop of Sodor and Man, Archdeacon and five Canons who represent churches across the Island.”
Just see or even Re-arranging the Titanic’s deckchairs if you want to know in more detail.
So, looks like a drain on the public purse (rather than business) as usual then, and from an ever more desperate and incestuous crowd of losers who beg from genuine businesses and working people.
Ho hum.

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