Monday, 17 August 2009

We're still exporting ignorance to Uganda

I blog about Manx evangelicals helping theofascist nutjobs screw up African lives until I’m sick of the subject.
Sadly I see from they’re still doing it.
Most recently I posted on Southern Poverty Law Center’s work exposing the role US Christian charities are playing in a witch-hunting of Ugandan gays which has to be compared to the build-up of German anti-semitism in the 1930’s. See for more, and be sure to follow up the links to
As there’s now a major fundraising effort to bring a crocodile tears, fact free expo about Anne Frank to the island’s major centre of religious wrongheadedness I have to assume ‘irony’ isn’t a word Manx Christians understand any better than ‘humanity’ or ‘decency’.
I can only repeat, yet again, what I said the last time I posted on Ugandan human rights abuse funded by Western Christians, who prey on ignorance via the charity system to screw up young lives….
“That people on the Isle of Man still give money to evangelical ‘charities’ who stir up such hatred disgusts me. The sheer stupidity and cluelessness of Manx Christian charities always amuses friends and relatives in countries where they consolidate the island’s reputation as a third world backwater and major exporter of village idiocy. Our role in Uganda, though, is in a whole other league, and far more deadly.”
Still, at least there’s one advantage to catching this twaddle as ‘community news’ on Manxnet before it hits the local media. When it appears in the 'proper press' under another byline, we’ll know exactly which ‘Freedom To Fester’ goon planted it, and which journalists are too lazy to rewrite it.

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