Saturday, 8 August 2009

From Peel to Cheltenham and Nigeria the hate song remains the same

It seems the gap between moderate Christians and the New Christofascism is showing in the most unexpected places.
Greenbelt is, I suppose, the Christian equivalent of Glastonbury and is held in Cheltenham in late August annually. It’s run by decent enough folk whose views on most moral issues are on the same planet as anyone else with an education who reads the odd newspaper, just that they feel the need to run those views past a collection of fairy tales and a fictitious invisible friend first.
But this year they have brought down the wrath of their conservative pewmates by inviting along Gene Robinson, the openly gay Bishop. Apparently that meant that all sorts of dullards whose misogyny and cretinism is allegedly excused through such fairy tales planned to boycott the event.
Logically, you’d think any good time would be improved by the absence of such chuckleheads. Unfortunately their arrogance exceeds their ignorance, so they’ve insisted on turning up anyway and having facilities put aside for them to put everybody straight (if you’ll excuse the pun) on Christianity and sexuality. You can read more at .
The main culprits are the Church Mission Society. This raises alarm bells locally.
The thing is, these jokers were brought in last year by local godbotherers to run ‘workshops’ on slavery in Manx schools. At the time I thought it hilarious that an outfit formed by slave-owning churches (so that, after the official abolition of the slave trade, churches could just brainwash natives throughout a developing empire instead) should think itself capable of taking a moral view on any topic. One look at hellholes of religious hatred like Nigeria and their chums in the Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans proves where all of that led.
That fiasco demonstrated the CMS and their local sponsors were either dishonest or simply incapable of understanding their role in past and present racism and colonialism. It also proved the Education Department doesn’t care how our kids learn about morality as long as the pondlife running the workshops ask less than the going rate.
We should watch out in case this bunch of racist, neo-colonial and homophobic know-nothings are ever let loose on our schools again. There are enough problems with the homegrown variety skulking around school corridors without importing them.

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