Sunday, 16 May 2010

Anglican Mainstream or Anglican Millwall?

If you need evidence that ordinary Christians aren’t as dim or bigoted as that faith’s most belligerent ‘spokesmen’, try this. Advance ticket sales for Greenbelt have gone up 15%, and the surge came after Anglican Mainstream urged people to boycott it for being too gay-friendly.
For those unfamiliar with the factions within Anglicanism, Greenbelt is a sort of Christian Glastonbury – or maybe think WOMAD with prayers thrown in. Anglican Mainstream is, frankly, a ragbag collection of swivel-eyed Christofascist throwbacks who’d like to lead that church, led by failed candidates for senior church positions (with dodgy far right friends) and former senior clerics who had to be chosen by politicians, as even their own peers don’t take them seriously. Far from being the ‘mainstream’ of the Anglican family they’re more like the mad relatives no-one talks about who you’d find locked in an attic in some Victorian melodrama.
Last year ‘AM’ kicked off because Greenbelt invited Gene Robinson, the openly gay Bishop of New Hampshire, as a speaker in a workshop event. This year Peter Tatchell is speaking, which has made them even more annoyed.
You can find a report from Ekklesia, the ever reasonable voice of Christianity, at .
But if you want a cheap laugh at the expense of some sad-acts with delusions of sanity (and, some days, we need one), just have a giggle at .

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