Sunday, 9 May 2010

Headless Chicken Syndrome

If you know me personally you may also know why I’m not blogging much at present. For the benefit of anyone else, can’t go into that here or now, but hopefully things will be back to normal in another week or two.
But I just had to draw your attention to a snippet on our new, pointless and totally, totally clueless emergency ‘legal high’ legislation tucked away in the Council of Ministers proceedings for January. It typifies the problem with local drug & alcohol policy, and absolutely illustrates how we are being misgoverned by headless chickens.
And, yes, that’s January, and not because I only just discovered it, but because it took until now for them to put the minutes on the record.
Take a peek at and go to item 3.
Bear in mind that the ‘advice’ came, not from doctors or even scientists (none are involved in the D &A strategy group), but ultimately from faith-based amateur ‘therapists’ who have conned their way into DHA, Education and Social Services advisory groups because no-one there is a qualified professional either.
Note also that “no public consultation exercise should be conducted to allow for the Bill to be progressed urgently, in the public interest”.
Let’s get this quite clear. Our government, having been startled by shouty, illiterate MHKs misreading tabloid headlines, has introduced new and restrictive legislation based on absolutely no evidence, and without consulting the public, who it considers too thick to have an opinion. So when we need an opinion it will be given to us by lame-brained superstitious throwbacks, who will be given public money to spout nonsense regurgitated from particularly poor sermons.
When added to the problems being imposed on responsible parents by the new, faith-bigoted Kinderstasi now running the SS, this really should be worrying us. Maybe we should just erect ‘Welcome to the Third World’ signs at the airport and ferry terminal, and have done with all the pretence.
Sometimes these muppets wonder why we hold them in absolute contempt, and wouldn’t trust them to go to the shops for a Mars bar and come back with the right change – never mind run the country.
I couldn’t possibly tell them; at least, not in words that would be short enough for them to understand.

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