Saturday, 15 May 2010

Noddy goes to Tesco

The latest example of blatant Manx government human rights violation can be found at, where you find that all island retailers have now – voluntarily – signed up to a ‘code’ on alcohol sales that makes it impossible for anyone under 25 to buy alcohol in a shop, and herds adults through the wine and spirits aisle like special needs kids at Disneyland.
Sad, stupid and sickening.
People who know me might be puzzled. Why would someone who has little or no interest in alcohol, and did enough of the rock-and-roll lifestyle to ‘retire’ here before the age at which I could now buy alcohol in the local Tesco, even care about this stuff?
To them, I can only suggest this. Instead of reading it with religious morality blinkers on, look at it like a responsible adult who, at some time in their life, has read something about the UNCHR and, preferably, some John Stuart Mill.
I know. Isle of Man, so fat chance when anyone arrogant enough to think they should have a hand in government cannot spell their own name.
But I don’t know why our misgovernors can’t just go the whole hog. Hand control over every aspect of our private lives to the Isle of Man Methodist Circuit and employ bounty killers to shoot anyone under the age of 30.
Because they really should be honest about this. The superstitious misanthropes who impose this nonsense on the rest of us don’t just despise people who enjoy life. They absolutely, absolutely live in terror of the idea that anyone not yet middle-aged should develop a taste for it.
And another thing. People who are unfit to legislate the way we buy a bottle of wine for the weekend are absolutely unfit to legislate for more serious aspects of our lives. For example, work, health and education.
On the other hand, by now I would hope that most Manx people know that too.

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