Sunday, 9 May 2010

Frankly, we're not grateful

According to Manx Radio, there’s a ‘Thanksgiving Service’ today at St. German’s Cathedral for the island’s contributions to past and contemporary bigotry.
That isn’t how the organisers see it, of course. And as Manx Radio’s own link doesn’t work (nothing new there then), you need to look at another site’s mirroring of the item (see ) to read about it.
But as the Anne Frank exhibition they’re ‘celebrating’ was organised by the island’s most bigoted and overprivileged minority, as a sly way of excusing public subsidy of their biggest, least useful faith ghetto, it is exactly how I see it.
In the last fortnight my family has again been the target of racism, and every week without fail I get reports of friends affected by local racism, sexism or homophobia – generally faith-based. Every week without fail I also get reports of a community somewhere else in the world directly or indirectly damaged as a result of some braindead Manx evangelical sponging off our clueless ‘overseas aid’ policies.
So let us be frank (if you’ll excuse the pun).
We have nothing to be thankful for. We are still the victims of bigotry perpetuated by those who organised this self-congratulatory, morally questionable sham of a call for tolerance. We will not feel in the least grateful to them, or their intolerant friends and fellow freeloaders, unless they voluntarily go out of business.

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