Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Don't get fooled again

The temperance nazis are up to their old tricks next month. Must be the time of year when funding to the alcohol advisory bodies is up for renewal.
The official announcement is at http://www.gov.im/lib/news/dha/ceo/worldrenownedexp.xml and on paper it looks legit enough. Gilmore is a top man in the Royal College of Physicians and a liver specialist, so he knows a bit about relevant topics.
But he’s also a poster boy for the Christian Institute and the Christian right in general. They love to quote him ad nauseum to ‘prove’ we’re all going to hell unless we get back on our knees and grovelling to sky-fairies again.
The other problem is, in addition to their habit of quoting him totally out of context, even a doctor can’t resist making pronouncements on topics he knows nowt about.
Take that innocent statement: ‘alcohol is a drug of addiction’.
Oh no it isn’t, and this isn’t his area of expertise so his is not an expert opinion. Since when was the liver part of the brain?
Now I’m not even a regular tippler, but when experts are used like this by pious pillocks who get public funds to stand on their soapbox and preach it’s enough to drive you to drink.
And just how many times does an interested amateur (who can be bothered to do the basic research) have to correct self-styled ‘experts’ (who get fat fees to spout shite that feeds kneejerk prejudice)?
Addiction is a myth that appeals to dodgy ‘therapies’ not based on science or professional expertise. This is why you see pseudo-scientific jargon like ‘dependency’ used instead, to avoid legal liability.
Much to the disgust of a nasty little industry based on selling ‘therapy’ no-one needs (and godbothering nosey-parkers who like to push everyone around) you CAN have a couple of drinks without turning into a drooling vegetable or destroying the lives of all around you.
It takes self-discipline, certainly, but people do it. Some not only do that, they smoke spliffs or use class A substances up to and including heroin.
Sorry to burst your puritan bubble, but people do it all the time without harming themselves, so there it is.
Anyways – if we’re taking about addiction and dependency, why limit it to chemical substances? How, exactly, would you describe the relationship between losers who need to throw away all their spare time and money on religious organisations and the scrotes who get both a living and power over others from the odious cults involved?
Addict/dealer? John/pimp?
Seems about right to me.

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