Tuesday, 10 February 2009


I was on Manx Radio doing a Thought For The Day last week.
At least I think I was – they buggered up the online replay and repeated someone else’s talk on two consecutive days, and as they never tell you which day of the week you're on there's no way I was listening to Radio Cowshed at 7 AM all week just to check how I sounded .
Actually I was hamstrung and bored this time anyway as the Freethinkers laid down a party line. We were all supposed to ‘celebrate’ Darwin and the theory of evolution.
What’s to celebrate? Evolution happens, just keep up or die.
Usually I just go in with the twin aims of bending the format and saying something funny. No sense in upsetting religionists or you don’t get asked back, so charm them and try to knock a stereotype off-balance instead.
A fellow regular and I used to have a bit of a private competition – who can slip in the most outrageous comment and make the engineer laugh. In the great days of Andy Arnold that was OK. Now he’s gone and we’re being recorded by a proper clergyman I’m supposed to take it seriously.
Take an excuse for a radio sermon seriously? Moi? Get real!!
So I’m thinking of giving it a miss in future. I was in on the groundbreaking first local ‘secular alternatives’, and I’ve pushed it far enough to get Amnesty International in there too. In theory membership and ‘interested others’ of the Freethinkers number 30-50, so if there’s genuine interest time someone else stepped up.
maybe it should be a stipulation of Thought For The Day that you’re off your trolley when recording.
That would brighten things up in the morning. If they can come out with fairy stories when they’re stone cold sober, just imagine the topics when sozzled clergy start telling folk what they REALLY think.

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