Thursday, 5 February 2009

On the buses

You might want to take a look on the Guardian website at , which has a story on a counter-campaign by the Christian lunatic fringe against the ‘probably no god’ bus adverts.
You might also like to join me in a running joke.
In a previous life Rev George Hargreaves used to be George Hargreaves, a record producer most famous for Sinitta’s gay anthem, ‘So Macho’. That much is fairly common knowledge.
What isn’t is that Hargreaves moved to the Isle of Man on the profits. Then his life went downhill so fast that he took up with the local Pentecostalists.
I’ve always maintained that as Hargreaves ‘finding God’ can only be blamed on the poor Manx nightlife of the time, we owe the world a debt. So, like the guy in Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy who makes it his life’s work to track down and insult everyone in the universe, I have a mission to apologise to the world for the distress the Isle of Man has caused by unleashing this evangelical fruitcake.
What I do is, every time I hear of a publication which mentions Hargreaves, I write in and apologise on behalf of the entire Manx population. As you’ll see, I’ve done it on the Guardian piece.
As a former DJ (of the cheesiest 70’s ilk), I’ve always said Tony Brown, our Chief Minister, is the perfect man to make these apologies for us, but as he’s either too busy, too drunk or too illiterate I’ve taken up the baton.
If anyone else on the Isle of Man wants to join in, I’d be glad of the support.

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