Tuesday, 17 February 2009

The mugs don't work

Our Department of Education now seems determined to help fundamentalists feed off parents, not just small kids. Unsurprisingly, they don’t really admit that in their press release. See http://www.gov.im/lib/news/education/parentstoreceive.xml for more details.
It’s also worth pointing out that Carolyn Shipstone cannot be a national representative for Care for the Family, firstly because it isn’t even a Manx charity, secondly because it uses separate England & Wales, Scottish and Northern Irish registered charities to hide the true chain of command and flow in and out of funds.
CftF often issue vague and misleading statements which ignore the very existence of this ‘family’ – odd for a ‘family values’ group, I always say. But then, if one of your branches used to be close to a pro-life group whose founder (a convicted terrorist also with recent firearms offences to his name) went on the run after a fire in a family planning clinic you wouldn’t mention that either.
Just as you only find out from the English charity register that one of the English branch’s trustees is also a trustee for CARE (Christian Action, Research & Education), one of the most rabidly homophobic and in fact generally misanthropic bunch of social inadequates ever thrown up by British evangelism.
As I’ve hinted before, (e.g. How To Win Government Friends And Screw Up Kids ) the whole sad and sorry saga of how such a freakshow ever got a foothold on the island goes back a few years.
As I said then, I don’t even expect my seven year old to take losers like that seriously, and having seen both the fundamentalist 'drug projects' operating on the island in action I assure you that their combined ‘expertise’ could safely fit on the back of a postage stamp and still leave room for….a one word blunt appraisal of the main product.
If any parent is dumb enough to take up this kind ‘offer’ you really do need professional help, but then so do most government ‘experts’ trying to drum an inferiority complex into local parents. Whatever you do, stop worrying about your kids and start laughing at these self-seeking panic merchants instead.
Honestly, mugs…they’re just not worth it.

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