Sunday, 22 February 2009

Our Father, bang bang..... Amen

We shouldn’t laugh, really, we shouldn’t, but I defy anyone to read a tale of Californian faith-centred lunacy picked up by the sharp-eyed Feòrag over at Pagan Prattle.
In brief, a guy walks into a notorious evangelical ‘Cathedral’ in California while visitors are being told about the church’s ‘excellent’ suicide-prevention program. He hands a note to an usher, walks up to the cross……then shoots himself.
The bit I love in the report is that when church helpers heard the gun go off, they thought nothing of it, thinking he was just praying.
Worshippers pray with handguns in California? How scary is that!!
Turns out that it isn’t the first suicide by shooting in the church either. No wonder they have a suicide-prevention program – just a pity it doesn’t go beyond praying and collecting cash.
To be honest, even if I was faith-inclined, I think I’d also be a little wary of a ‘family-oriented’ church in California where one of the staff is called Manson. That really WAS a case of the family that slays together staying together, as I recall.
You can read all about it at ......and I do defy you not to snigger!

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