Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Open and shut case

My joy today on reading the beginning of an article suggesting the island’s only purpose-built, professional drug & alcohol rehabilitation facility might finally open properly (see
didn’t last long.
Because as the next to last sentence reveals, it ISN’T opening.
And as the last sentence reveals, when or if it does it isn’t going to be staffed by professionals either, because the whole operation is being put out to private tender. No prizes for guessing who’ll snap that up then.
Incidentally, ‘recruitment constraint’ is a bit of a misnomer too.
The DHSS were told two years ago by the tiny team of medics who try to keep a service running exactly what the going rate is for professionals already trained and living here. But the DHSS doesn’t want to pay. Similarly when a year ago the professionals provided their services to a private contractor on a DHSS contract, that contractor wouldn’t pay either. That’s why the trained professionals are still working in semi-skilled jobs instead.

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